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Thursday March 3, 2005 | 11:17PM     +     Ah, thank god the week is almost over. Really this week wasn't all that bad, I ended up having most everything done well in time. It was a good week overall, the details of which are not that exciting. I have two big 30x40 posters due on Monday and Tuesday though... *sees plotter getting over-jammed*

In other news, my roommate is moving out sometime at the end of May... Which means, either I... a) find a new roommate b) move someplace I can afford by myself (HA!) c) find a good roommate situation I can afford, or d) move to someplace cheaper and find a roommate so I can afford it. All of these options are something of a hassle. Ideally, I would just find a cool/reliable roommate and stay at my current place. That would save me the hassle of moving and credit checks and security deposits. The only thing that I worry about is our place is not so palatial, and we share the bedroom, so its not quite as nice as having your own room. But it is pretty cheap.

I'm not looking forward to the search. I just know that the whole thing will be a big ordeal, because the last time I was looking for roommates, a couple people I made plans with totally flaked on me. And, I also I got a million replies from people who seemed to be in dicey financial situations, which I can't afford to put myself into. I always feel bad about having to turn people down, but I have to look out for myself too.

So, the moral of the story, if you people out there in LJ-land know of any with-it people who would be interested in sharing a small but nicely appointed studio apartment in the Mission in San Francisco for cheap ($388!! no utilities) starting in mid-May or June point them my way!! Sorry if this post smacks of blatant Craigslist-esque posting. I'm sure this will be on my mind a lot (ie, I will bitch about it here) until things are sorted.

Monday February 2, 2005 | 12:44AM     +     This rain has got to end. Each time I get ready to shoot photos for GD4 it starts to pour rain. That is very frustrating, and that was what I wanted to accomplish the most this evening. But no, the weather will not cooperate. It had better be really nice and sunny in the morning. I am really fed up with all of the work that I am having to do right now. Bleh on analog photography. Bleh on expressive typography. Bleh on Sputnik and ten lame ass adds to design. I've gotten cranky in my newfound old age.

Really overall my weekend was pretty good, but as result of me having a generally good time. I got basically nothing done. Hence, a cranky Kyle. Its just one of those days when I feel really frustrated with everything around me. At least i got some laundry done and cleaned up my desk. I just want to sit and read and do nothing else right now.

Saturday February 2, 2005 | 7:21PM     1 | +     So, my birthday party was lots of fun. Only a couple of people from CCA showed up, but fortunately Erwin and Brittany invited at lot of people, so at least it felt like I was popular. I only actually knew about half the people there. I had a really good time, there were a lot of cute guys. I didn't make out with any of them though. :( Brittany got me this cute cat-a-plut toy from Urban Outfitters, it soots these little plastic cats. And Darrin got me a gift certificate from American Apparel. That was really nice, I had been in there a couple of weeks ago and liked some of the stuff they had. He must have read my mind. I was so drunk last night, I hope that I wasn't too obnoxious, but even if I was, you can do that on your birthday.

Today wasn't really that productive. I slept at Erwin's house until 11, then I came home and had lunch and amazingly did not have a debilitating hangover. I am a true champ. My biggest accomplishment was eating a burrito and getting free chips at El Farrolito again for the third time in a row. The burrito made me so sleepy that I passed out in my chair for a half hour. So far, being 21 is totally exciting. At least now I can go to all of the snobby Typophile events at bars and not be turned away.

Friday February 2, 2005 | 10:35PM     +     Today was pretty good. I stayed up until 2am last night tweaking on my "yellow" video. But I slept until 9am, so it was all good. I don't think many people in the class appreciated it in its entirety. The biking scene was too jerky and long for people I think. But that was the point, riding a bike in busy traffic is really nerve wracking and disorienting. People are so lazy when it come to watching video, there is no room for slow progression or visually challenging shots. They all laughed at the editing jokes that I put in and the food scenes. So, at least part of it people liked. And my teacher liked it a lot, which I figured he would. That was good. The teacher in this class is interesting. He's kind of an aging ex-hippie, not in the pot and beads kind of way, but in the attitude kind of way. I am annoyed by and appreciative of this simultaneously.

It is interesting how the color class and Type 4 and GD 4 are creating this commingling tangent. Abstract, formal, evocative, not denotative. I like it a lot. It has allowed me to think a lot more about things in a way that is a lot deeper than previous semesters. All my classes are really enjoyable so far. I like how things are challenging, but not frustrating. Like, it is all coming together with out too much struggle. I also found out that I can really crank when I need to. I've been finishing all of my sputnik stuff in a couple of hours. Of course, its not nearly as intensive as other classes in terms of the conceptual development, but it is nice to be at the level when you can just turn something out on a dime and know that it is good. Over all the world is good right now in Kyle land. Its a mostly happy place.

Tuesday February 2, 2005 | 9:11AM     +     I've been really busy the past couple of weeks. Mostly it is just school stuff and dealing with the insurance company about the bike accident and bills. School is going along pretty well. We've been doing a lot of analog photography, which gets really expensive. So, needless to say I have been rather broke all around since school started.

The weather had the audacity to be really rainy this morning. So, I didn't ride my bike to school like normal. But I didn't buy a fastpass this month so I had to pay for the bus. At least I will get to drag a bunch of stuff home and get it out of my locker. I've been needing to do that for a good while.

Sputnik is going along pretty well. The invitation that I am designing was well received as far as I know. Not bad for two hours of work... A side from the front panel, I hadn't really worked on it at all, I put together the other four panels in like two hours during digital studio class. The book/catalog is coming along alright too.

The 26th is my 21st birthday. I am going to have a party at Erwin's house. It will be fun, there will be alcohol. If you're in the bay area, and wanna come let me know so I can pass on the details as they become available.

Wednesday January 1, 2005 | 4:38PM     4 | +     I got my schedule worked out just how I wanted it and everything is going pretty well now. I'm not totally overwhelmed yet with school. Its really surprising. Although I still have one more new class to go to tomorrow morning. It shouldn't be too bad though. Overall things are going really well. I have to say, having the apartment to myself is really nice. It won't last long though. Not that it makes a big difference or anything, but it is nice to clear the air and have privacy when you want it.

In a lot of my classes we've been doing a lot of cut and paste type of stuff. Everything is really abstract and about form making, and not about content. Which is a really really nice change of pace from last semester. For type class we have just been photocopying stuff in weird ways, cutting it up and recombining it. Fun stuff. I spent three hours last night doing that. And we've just been taking photos for graphic design. We have to take photos of a specific site. I ended up with the fire escape on my building. We have to take two rolls of our site for each class. That is going to be a lot of photos.

Other than school, not much has been up. I can't wait to get paid on the 31st. I am going to get a bike first thing as soon as that happens. It has been long enough without a bike. And I really should call the insurance company and find out if they have sent me my check yet. Its time that that was in my mailbox.

Thursday January 1, 2005 | 11:20PM     2 | +     So, I haven't told anyone yet, because I thought that I should keep it under wraps for a while. But then I had an epiphany and decided that the world could only be improved by this little tid-bit.

The real secret of popularity has nothing to do with personality or good looks, rather it all lies in your feet. Actually, it relies on having hot magenta shoes on you feet. Especially if they have contrasting cyan racing stripes. That's all it takes. Since purchasing these amazing shoes no fewer than twelve-ish people have commented on how cool my shoes were in the past week or so. Several of them were total strangers encountered in such diverse places as: walking down Mission street, riding on the BART, in my office building, and in the park.

Of course, shoes can only get you so far in life. Thus far no one has propositioned me, made me a lucrative IPO stock offer, or offered me their hand in marriage (or domestic partnership) due to my shoes alone. But in this fast-paced and over-burdened life hot-hot-shoes can bring you to the forefront of the admiring public's eye.

Wednesday January 1, 2005 | 9:25PM     1 | +     Well,,, FUCK! It is looking as if I will have to drop Sputnik for this semester, because of Mende's type class being obnoxiously full (with grad students no less!). I am a very cranky cat. Its just great to start off the semester by being behind. I'll have to get back into McVarish's class which I didn't attend because I was planning on switching to Mende's, and drop Sputnik, and find some other class to squeeze into my schedule. Maybe transitioning to profession practice is still open. I think that might work out for me. Otherwise I will have to find some other lame ass upper-level-jerk-off-requirement-class to take. Can you tell I'm not happy,

One good thing about today was that I went home during my break between classes, and walked in on my roommate, in the process of being, lets say, busy. There's nothing like coming home, opening the door and hearing don't come in! shouted at you. I'm sure that they were more embarrassed than me. I didn't even see them. That wasn't the good thing, that was just a humorous surprise. I actually ended up going to Bernal Heights park and taking some pictures for GD4. And it was a really nice day up there. The grass was super green and it was on the warmer side, and it was sunny. The hazy winter fog was hanging around over the bay, but it was clear enough to see both bridges. I couldn't see much of Marin or the Eastbay though.

It was really relaxing to bet up there in the middle of the day. I miss being able to do things like that during the day. I am getting really ill of being cooped up in school at all hours of the day. With all this schedule bullshit, its even worse. I complained about this yesterday but it is the theme of the week. I'm sick of being around the same 30ish people all the damn time for like 8 to 10 hours a day. I love my friends and all, the whole environment is just making me edgy and cranky. And work is making me cranky too. I'm not going to make hardly any money at all this semester. Like, just enough to cover monthly expenses and no more. I'm thinking about getting a weekend computer lab job and then just quitting at student affairs. Or just keeping both jobs and working one weekend shit at the computer labs, or something like that. We'll see I guess how everything ends up turning out.

In other news, there is no other news. My life is tediously frustrating and boring right now. And I have nothing with which to distract myself from it all.

Wednesday January 1, 2005 | 12:30AM     +     Today was the first day of school. So far, so good. Aside from the $150 or so I will have to spend on film and photo developing for GD4. Oh well. I'm going to have fun and not let myself struggle. And I will budget and hold myself back on frivolous spending. (or hope that my bike insurance check comes in soon...) I really only ended up having to go to one class today. I went to Emily's Type4 class, but I am dropping it for the other section, so I skipped out. And Sputnik doesn't meet until Thursday. Tomorrow I'll have Digital Studio 4, Type 4. With a big break in between. Thursday will be my most busy day. I'll have three three-hour classes right in a row basically. I am really going to have to make good use of my time this semester. I still have to go to Oakland on Fridays, but at least I don't have to be there until noon. The commute is such a time/money waster though.

I tried out the xerographic transfer markers at Arch, they didn't work out very well at all. I might try and get another kind the next time I am at Pearl or Flax. Maybe I didn't get the right kind or something.

It really doesn't feel like the semester has started yet. And I don't have a routine down at all yet. I need some adapt time to get back into it. It was weird seeing everyone again. It kind of made me realize how few people I hang out with, and how much of a clique we are. Its kind of depressing. I was already making inside interpersonal jokes and snickers. I wasn't even there that long. And the campus feels really bare and empty right now for some reason, aside from the physical lack of work up. I think it is just me knowing that I know pretty most everyone and there is no-one new and exciting to look forward to meeting. Not that I don't enjoy the company of my classmates, but some new faces and personalities would be refreshing.

Really, I am just frustrated by the fact that it seems like I am pretty much not going to meet anyone romantically speaking at school at this point. That was one of my big hopes for school, and it has for me not turned up a single viable opportunity in three years. I am rather disappointed. I think that it is time to give up on boys in general for the time being. I only get my hopes up to be let down anyway in one way or another. A weak side of mine, the tendency to live in my head and over-extend my hopes and expectations beyond the practicality of the situation.

I'll give up for a while, we'll see what happens when I turn 21...

Monday January 1, 2005 | 1:52PM     +     So, I have this broken sewing machine. Its not totally worthless. Its just one of the plastic drive cogs is broken on the inside and I have a better sewing machine that I actually use so I never bothered to fix it. It has a case with a handle and everything, but it is pretty heavy. It zigzags and has some built in automatic embroidery patterns. I think it is from the 70's or so. If anyone wants it, I want to get it out of my apartment. Just get ahold of me and let me know.

Amendment: I also have a box of golf-plaid-old man pants that I no longer want. Most of them are in the 30-32 range. I'd rather give them away to friends rather than schlep them down to the Haight to have the Wasteland snub them.

Saturday January 1, 2005 | 8:08PM     +     Thursday was disappointing. It ended up that the typeophile event was 21+ because it was at a bar/gallery. :( Shall we count the days? Yes, we shall. 1...2...3... ... 35! Yes, it is only 35 days before I turn as old as anyone would want to be. Not that I will have time to hang out a bars or clubs anyway. Anyway, I just ended up walking home with my friends.

One of them got hit on by this creepy person, I wasn't quite sure if he was homeless, or just kinda shabby. I really hate when guys are like, "Hey baby, you are the most gorgeous woman I've ever met. You got a boyfriend?" Like, they think they are being all classy, by complimenting someone. But really they are just making a thinly veiled pushy come on right there in the middle of the street. Some people have no manners what-so-ever, accosting people on the street like that. I'm glad I don't have to put up with that kind of shit. I doubt that I would ever be flattered by it.

After we split up I went to on of the little parks at the top of Twin Peaks. It was really beautiful at night. Seeing the city from the top of a hill at night is one of my favorite things in the world. Its really romantic, but I was alone, of course. But that was okay. Once you are on one of the hill parks, you can take in all of the city at once and be still by yourself. It is the opposite of the subway, but both are the perfect juxtaposition of camaraderie and loneliness. On my way up the hill, I saw a middle-aged gay couple walking their twin white Pekinese dogs right past a person sleeping out on the sidewalk in front of someone's garage door.

I had a lot of fun at Erwin's party last night. I was sad that I had to leave early, but I had to get up this morning. There was nothing to be done about it. And get up I did, without a hangover. Surprising, as much vodka as I had in me. I worked our schools National Portfolio Day event from 8am to 6pm. Which means that I will be richer by $90 if they pay me as much as I normally get paid at my other school job. And, I brought home a weeks worth of danishes and bagels, a case of beer, and some other food left over. Since I am not a big fan of beer, I'll just take it to Erin's party. I wanted the left over wine more, but I didn't want to push it. It was a long day, but it was pretty easy money, so why not? I had nothing better to do anyway. And I have Monday off because of MLK day. Classes start on Tuesday. I'm not really ready for that to happen, but when Tuesday finally comes around, I won't be upset.

I'm feeling neutral about school. I dread the lack of free time, but at the same time if I had copious free time I wouldn't really be that much happier. I would just waste time on the computer and fester and boil. Its good to have something to focus on, and to work to. Goals are keeping my life together. I just hope I don't get caught up in living for the future for too long. It seems like school is mandating it right now, but I know it is a really bad habit to have in terms of long-term happiness and satisfaction with life. Well, I hope you all have enjoyed me psychoanalyzing my life before your very eyes!

Monday January 1, 2005 | 11:12PM     +     Right now I am filled with an overall happiness and contentment. I got my bike quote taken care of yesterday finally, so I just need to send that in and wait for the check. Work was boring as usual today, I changed locks on the lockers, and accumulated stuff that people had left for over a semester. So, I got some free art supplies. :) And I was walking between the buildings, there was a rainbow over the skyline of San Francisco. I love little moments when the world unfolds itself and you see its full beauty.

I am really looking forward to getting another bike, and riding around town. (With a helmet this time, and not down 15th street.) I've missed the sensation going kind of fast under your own power and being exposed to the wind. It's exciting.

I came home tonight and no one was home, and I have had the apartment to myself all night long. It is so nice to be alone and have room to breathe and not have to be cooped up with someone else's energy. I've been listening to Interpol's Antics all evening. I really like it. It is good music for this time.

And the itinerant house-guest of three months payed me some rent money, which I really appreciated. I have been the master of benevolent patience, although there are few people who could be less begrudge-worthy.

I hope that our torrential rains abate soon. Although, I am pleased that it washed our windows clean of car soot, and the street smells less of the depravity of man, rain all the time is not so much fun. I am very pleased with the pace of life right now. It is not to much, not to little. I know that that is soon going to change and things are going to pick up and get stressful soon, but until that time I am going to make the most of my time and enjoy myself. I hope everyone can do the same.

Saturday January 1, 2005 | 7:02PM     +     All weekend I have been meaning to take my totaled bike to the bike shop to get a repair quote to send to the insurance company. And all weekend it has been pouring rain. *frowns* My weekend has been pretty nondescript overall. I saw Shane and Alison downtown Thursday. I got my computer back Thursday, thank goodness the Apple store fixed it for free. You never realize how much you miss something until it is gone. I am one spoiled cat.

I feel like I am not making good use of all my free time off. I've slept in until 10 or 11 every day that I didn't have to work. I really need to start forcing myself to get up earlier so that I grow accustomed. I stated work on a self portrait, and am mostly finished with it. I haven't completely worked out the background to my satisfaction, but eventually I will work it out. I wish there was an easy and cheap way to make a large rubber or metal printing plate from a black and white original. I know there are all kinds of places that will do it, but none of them are going to be cheap. I've been in a very creative and crafty mood lately. I really don't want school to start all that soon. I have a week left still, hopefully it will be a good one.

I really should go to the palace of the legion of honor on Tuesday. Its been to long since I have been to a museum. There is also a typeophile event on the 13th. I am going to try to get to that. I'll get to see all the type snobs of San Francisco, it will be great. Most of all, this crazy rain needs to abate, so I can go out and meander. I should just go out and get another bike now, before I end up spending my holiday money on junk.

Saturday January 1, 2005 | 7:14PM     +     I went to the new years party at Alex's place last night. It was fun. We had champagne. We ended up taking a taxi to Alex's place and the cabby was this madcrazy Russian. The whole time we was talking furiously on his cellphone. He was almost yelling. And he was going really fast and jumping lanes every couple minutes. I wish I had a video because this guy was so tweaked out between the driving and the cell phone. But we got there in one piece really fast, so it was all good. The party was fun. It wasn't really big or anything, and I didn't know that many people there really well. I had a good time though. My roommate got really drunk, so she was really amusing all night long.

Thursday December 12, 2004 | 8:27PM     2 | +     I'm back in San Francisco now. Its nice to be back, My plane trip was kind of annoying. The plane was delayed for 40 minutes before we even moved. I don't know what was going on. I think it just took a long time to board and to load up the plane or something. The security line wasn't that bad, but the ticket counter took forever. If its not one thing, its another. I got put with a baby in front of my seat and a little 3 or 4 year old behind me. That kid kicked or bumped into my seat about every 15 minuets. It was a five hour flight. *grumbles* I really was tempted to turn around and say something mean, but I thought better of it.

And it was foggy and raining when we landed, so once again I didn't get to see the city lights. In fact it was cloudy the whole way there, so there wasn't all that much to look at period. I am glad to be back to my own place and all, but I think that I could have managed to stay longer. Last time seemed like way to long, and this time seemed like I wasn't there that much. Oh well. I wanted to be in the city for New Years, and to get on with things here.

When I was at home I mostly slept and went antique and book shopping. I wish I had a big house and lots of money, because I found some nice pieces of furniture, but I don't. So, instead, I just bought a gilded rococo clock case that needs a mechanism, and some books. Any my grandma gave me her porcelain neo-baroque mantle clock, which was really nice. She had thought it had stopped working, but it just needed a good cleaning and the wires reconnected. So now we have more clocks than we have rooms to put them in. haha

Now that I am back, I will have to find things to entertain myself with. Any suggestions are welcome.

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