kyleloveinblue (kylelovesinblue) wrote,

Oh spring break, where have you gone? You are a crafty one you are, escaping me like that. Oh well, I guess we weren't meant to be together indefinitely. I tried to pin you down, but wanderlust got the best of you and you departed. We had some good moments, but I was kidding myself thinking it would last. When it rained the first three days I should have taken that as an omen of our impending separation, but I lacked that foresight. sigh...
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Did you cut your hair?
yeah, I cut it last week. Its a lot shorter now.
You look really cute.
aww, thanks. ;)
I've never before added someone to my friends' list just because I thought they were sexy (and you are drop-dead hot), but I also checked out your profile and thought, "Hey, not only is he sexy, he seems he might be interesting too!" So, I added you.

Hope you don't mind.

Oh, yeah, I found you while rummaging through suicide_boys.
aww, thanks. i don't mind if you add me. usually, I am way to swamped with work to pay a close amount of attention to lj, so i really only add people back that I know in real life. no offense or anything.
No prob. I take frequent trips to San Francisco (and I'll be moving there at the end of the year), so maybe I could meet you sometime in the (somewhat distant) future.
aww, kyle, I love your new hair, and your new pic. yay. yeah, spring break blew for me too, and blew by as well. ah well. summer soon, yay! for me anyway, maybe you like school better than work, i don't know.
yeah, time has just been flying away from me lately. its all the deadlines. I am really looking forward to summer.