kyleloveinblue (kylelovesinblue) wrote,

Well, spring break is almost upon me. Most of the time will no doubt be spent getting caught up in the homework business. School has been fairly well so far this semester. I've only had an average of one overwhelming day per week recently, thats doing fairly well. I finally got the check from GEICO reimbursing me for my old bike. That was some highly needed money. Props to Valencia Cyclery for writing me a $300 quote on a bike I found under the freeway. Now I just have to hope that I can manage to get the full $10,000 or so from the rest of the settlement Thats what the insurance guy thought it might come to total for the pain and suffering side. I had no idea that an accident like that could bring in so much money.

That will take forever though, I need to go to a plastic surgeon or something over break and have them quote me on the scar repair. Supposedly, I could get even more money from the settlement if the scar would be expensive to repair. If the settlement works out like that, that would be so great. I could pay off all of my student loans before I even graduate... That would rock. I would not suggest making getting hit by cars a regular source of income, but in this case I can't really complain if it happens. We'll see though.

In other news, I really need to start seriously looking for a new roommate sometime soon. I am thinking I will put up ads up at school and Craigslist after I get back from spring break. If you know anyone who is on the market for cheap digs in SF let me know...

I've been in a super fixy mood lately. Its all the thoughts of my roommates stuff being gone, I'm redecorating in my head already. I've been trying to clean up and clear out. It is really amazing just how much crap that I have. What is more amazing is that despite the fact that I haven't used three-quarters of these items in a year or more, I am still not able to just throw them out. I've been making small steps. I set the bad sewing machine on the curb a couple of weeks ago, it disappeared fairly quickly. I really should take some of my old clothes into sell on Haight or something, its barely worth it though. I know they won't take any of it. I should just set them all out for the homeless or something. Dispensing with needless clutter is the best feeling in the world, well aside from a good orgasm. But both of those are rather non-present in my life right now.
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