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I watched Party Monster tonight. It was a good movie, I liked it. I had bought it at Rasputin for $8, so it was worth it. Thank you Rasputin for cheap used DVDs. I also bought Blade Runner for my Type 4 class. We have this new thing were we are typographically interpreting a scene from a movie. Hence, my movie shopping. Anyway, I really liked Party Monster for its little moments. Not so much for the party side of it, but for the social side of it. Like, all the catty things that the characters did. It makes me wish I had more catty gay friends to actually hang out with, and have a decent social life. Speaking of catty queers, GD4 was a absolute riot. I won't really be able to explain it all, because the humor all depends on the dynamic of the ground of that class, basically, it breaks down to five gay guys, three asians, and three girls. Incidentally, we all ended up sitting in that formation today for some reason, which is what made me think of it that way. I will just say that there was much chitter-chatter about America's Top Model at one end of the table, and a lot of confusion at the other.

Not only that, but I made a complete fool of myself about liking cats a little to much. The conversation went from minimalist paintings to fetish objects to America's Top Model, then to naive folk paintings. It was a great time. I love my GD4 teacher, even if he is a dog person.

This weekend I will be swamped with work. I have way to much to do, and it is already enumerated for me in iCal, and I don't even want to think about all of it. Suffice it to say that my prediction of being inundated this weekend, due to lack of stuff to do last weekend was all to true. But, I am getting paid to do some of this work, so that part is never to be turned down. Spring break is after next week. I'm mostly looking forward to it, but I'm not doing anything special or anything, so it will just be a little more sleeping and a week lacking structure. I really should be starting to look for a new roommate or living situation. Granted I was fairly lucky last time, but how long can it take to find a good roommate? Is three months too early. I have a feeling that it is, two months seems more reasonable. But another part of me says I should get a jump on things. I guess we'll see in couple of weeks.
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May 22 2007, 09:55:10 UTC 11 years ago

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